Orthodontic Virtual Consultation

Rooz Sammamish Orthodontist

Start a Virtual Consultation

Are you interested in a virtual consultation? You have this option at PORTH.


Straighten your teeth or get feedback on how your treatment is progressing in just 4 easy steps:

Step 1
Find a well-lit area.
You can have someone take the photos or use the timer function on your camera.
Step 2
Take a photo smiling straight on.
Bite down normally and completely. Do not angle the camera above or below.
Step 3
Pull back your cheeks and take a photo straight on, and then left and right profile.
Pull back your cheeks and bite naturally.
Step 4
Take shots of your upper and lower teeth wide open.
Optional photos to capture the layout of the teeth.

All Done!

TeXt your photos to us | 425.526.2060
What happens next?

We’ll be in touch soon to schedule your virtual consultation

Free In-Person Orthodontic Consultation with Dr. Rooz

We provide a comprehensive orthodontic consultation. Dr. Rooz reviews all the issues with teeth and bite. You will hear multiple treatment choices as well.

Step 1
Book an appointment

Use our live scheduling option to find the best time that work for you or your family to visit us.

Step 2
Get a call from us

PORTH dedicated team are here to help you with your consultation. After you book a consultation, we will reach out to you.

Step 3
Spend time with Dr. Rooz and learn more about your choices

Dr. Rooz is an educator and he will show you all you need to know about your treatment. 

Step 4
Start your personalized care

We offer you personalized orthodontic treatment that matches your treatment and financial needs.