clear retainers after Invisalign treatment

The importance of clear retainers after Invisalign treatment

BY Dr. Rooz Khosravi

If you have questions about the importance of clear retainers after Invisalign treatment keep reading.

What are the types of retainers?

All patients after orthodontic treatment should wear retainers. Retainers are either fixed retainers or removable retainers. Fixed retainers often only connect to your front teeth.

Different retainers are:

1) fixed retainers

2) clear retainers (also known as Essix retainers)

3) Hawley retainer or acrylic retainers

Different types of retainers have pros and cons. Wire permanent retainers only keep your front teeth.

The fixed retainers can cause gum disease. Flossing with fixed retainers is hard. Poor oral hygiene results in gum disease and losing bone around your front teeth.

Straight teeth with bone loss and gum disease is not a perfect smile you want. To maintain proper care if you have a permanent retainer, your dentist should clean them at your regular check-ups.

Clear retainers look like Invisalign aligners exept the retainers are stiffer. New retainers overtime lose this properties and can’t help maintaing the position of your teeth.

What are clear retainer?

Removable retainers could be clear retainers (also called Essix) or Hawley retainers.

Your teeth shifts if you don’t wear your retainers at night after your orthodontic treatment.

Patients should wear these retainers full-time immediately post-treatment. Then night time only.

What do invisalign retainers look like?

The Invisalign treatment comes with clear aligners and clear retainers. Invisalign retainers are similar to other types clear retainers. They look like your Invisalign trays.

What is an Invisalign Treatment?

Aligner treatment also referred as Invisalign treatment is a type of orthodontic treatment. Aligner treatment use plastic trays like Invisalign to slowly move your teeth. The plastic trays are a replacement to metal braces.

Introduction of modern treatment plans like clear aligners changed dentistry. You don’t need to wear braces to get the beautiful smile you always wish for.

How long do you have to wear retainer after invisalign?

Clear retainer or Invisalign retainers are for life time. The new position of your teeth will change overtime as you get older. Your teeth won’t go to the original position but without retention your teeth will move.

Your teeth with or without orthodontic treatment will move since your jawbones are changing over time. Crowded lower teeth has nothing to do with your wisdom teeth coming out.

How long you have to wear clear retainers depends on how much you want to keep your straight smile.

Do you have to wear retainers forever after invisalign?

Yes you have to wear retainers at night after Invisalign treatment and metal braces treatment. Ask your orthodontist for more information.

Vivera retainers vs invisalign retainers?

Align technology makes the clear retainers called Vivera retainers. Many clear retainers are on the market that are as good or better than Vivera retiainers.

FAQ about clear retianers

How can I clean my retianers?

You can brush your retainers with water or toothpaste using your toothbrush. Cleaning solutions that you can use as well exist.

Why do clear retainers cost so much more than permanent retainers?

This is not always the case. New retainers could cost you the same as permanent retainers. Advances in dental care like dental 3D printing reduces the cost of clear retainers.

My retainers are not 100% straight, should I be worried?

Yes. You should change your retainers with new retainers every 9-12 months especially if you are wearing them every night.

Can retainers fix a slight shift in teeth after braces?

You can program clear retainers to fix minor shifts. Fixing minor shifts with clear retainers is extremely limited. You would need aligners to fix most of orthodontic relapses.

How to stop grinding teeth with retainers?

Grinding teeth is mostly a response to stress. Some patint grinds more with clear retainers.

Can I wear a mouthguard instead of retainers?

The nightguards could retianer your teeth and act as a retainers. Retainers can also protect your teeth similar to a nightguard or mouthguard. Patients with dental implant, bridgest and major dental work need nightguards, unless they have TMJ problems.

Can Invisalign correct bruxism?

No clear aligners or Invisalign can’t fix bruxism. Bruxism is mostly becasue of stress. Other conditions like TMD can casuegGrinding or bruxism . It is unclear which one strated first.

What does happen if I don’t wear my retainers?

Your teeth will shift. Your bite will also change. Your overbite can get deep if you don’t wear your retianers. Maintaining a good oral health is not only about flossing and brushing.

Can plastic night retainers cause gum damage?

No. Unless your retainer is pinching your gum. Not clearning your retainer could also mess up your new smile in terms of getting cavities and gum disease.

Will I do any damage by forcing my retainer over my teeth?

Yes. If your teeth shifted a lot from the new position after orthodontic treatment, your retainer won’t fit. You can damage your teeth if you foce your retianer on.

What happens if I push my retainer out with my tongue?

Permanent retainer won’t move if you push it with your tongue. You can remove clear retainers with your tongue. You are ready for new retainers if you can remove your clear retainer with your tongue.

Can I wear my retainer after a cavity filling?

Depending of your filling, your retainer could fit. You should talk to your orthodontist about this. New crown or cavity fillings could make your retianers not to fit.

Is it safe to use super glue on Invisalign or clear retainers?

No. You would need new retainers if you have a crack on your retianer.

Is it natural to have difficulty talking after removing retainers?

No. You can have lisp with clear retainers. If you wear your retianers all day, you might have hard time to talk without the reatiners.

Is it really that bad not to clean your retainer?

Yes. Not clearning your retainers can cause cavities especially if you wear them all the time.

What are the differences between retainers vs invisalign?

Clear aligner trays look like clear retainers. This is the same with invisalign trays. The type of plastics used in retainers is different than invisalign aligners.